The Santon Group's Joint Ventures

The Santon Group’s Joint Ventures

The Santon Group is keen to work in joint venture with third parties and has a long and successful track record of doing so whether it is with vendors, financiers, tax driven investors, mezzanine providers or other property developers.  Joint venturing has frequently been used not just to offset risk and leverage reward but also to enhance opportunity and to benefit from a partner’s expertise, particularly in areas where we have limited knowledge. The Santon Group understand that for a JV to be successful it must recognise the needs of both parties – our philosophy is that it is better not to enter into an asymmetrical JV where risks and rewards are not fairly shared between partners. The Santon Group have a flexible approach to structures, whether through the use of leveraged SPV’s, profit sharing arrangements, profit erosion deals or limited liability partnerships.

The Group has joint-ventured and worked with leading FTSE 100 Companies, leading banks such Deutsche Bank, Kleinwort Benson Dresdner and Lehmans, hotel companies, pub groups, major property companies, such as Land Securities, major housebuilders, high net worth individuals and their advisers.

Santon is pleased to announce that it has developed a strategic alliance with Stephen Wolf, Director of Bauenort Pty Ltd.  During the past 30 years Stephen has gained a diverse range of skills in the financial, accounting and property sector through his association with some of Australia and United Kingdom’s largest and most recognised property and development companies.  His experience includes development, acquisition, disposal and due diligence phases of development; whilst he has been sought out for his unique insight into the management of major joint venture arrangements, negotiating project funding and legal structuring. Our association with Stephen gives Santon direct access to current industry leading development finance, structuring and delivery knowledge, and a heightened execution capability; particularly in Australasia and the Far East.  See

Should you be interested in joint venturing please contact Bim Sandhu (